Big Guy's Pics

Big Guy and Dan Small
Dan Small and Al Linder
Big Guy's first commercial featuring Dan Small
Walleye Weekend with Mark, Maryann and Tony
Harrison Ford receiving his hat.
John Travolta at EAA Oshkosh
Having fun with KFC
Gene Simmons
Big Guy presenting KISS with their hats.
Big Mac Attack
Hat for Extreme Makeover in Dundee, WI
Extreme Makeover Wisconsin Style
Gov. Tommy Thompson
Little River Band
Hats at a McDonalds Convention
Ned The Dead - Courtesy of Chiller Theater
Local TV Show - Two Men in Fish Hats
Ted Nugent - Give me cheese and venison NOW!
Courtesy of Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent's Gut Pile Hat
Jesse Ventura
Walleye Weekend Chairs Lisa and Scott
Alice Cooper
Pumpkin Head
Big Guy's son learns timing is everything.
Carroll Shelby
An Elephant for Ted Nugent
First Grade Class Tour
Gordon Lightfoot and the Edmund Fitzgerald
Ted Nugent
The Price is Right
Meteorologist Pete Petoniak of Fox 11
Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent's Deer with Guitar
Ted Nugent's Ford Big Block
Over the Hill and Older than Dirt
Outdoor Wisconsin Mascot
Pump and Pantry Chicken Rocks!
Pumpkin Head
Red Pecker Head
Shark Attack!
One of the tour groups.
Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio
Andrew's big interview
Andrew and Tom Murphy - the Packers Hall of Fame Director
Wisconsin Badgers
Wisconsin Badgers Hockey visit Lambeau Field
Barry Alvarez
Barry Alvarez receiving a Badgers Hat
Bob Harlan receiving hat
Brandon Jackson
Brett Favre
Brett Favre receiving a Lambeau Field Hat...Thank you CBS Sports!
The Brew Crew
Brewer Home Opener
Milwaukee Bucks Hat
Buck 'n Rut
Chicago Bulls
A couple of awesome Packer fans from Canada
CBS commentator Jim Nantz w/ Jimmy Kimmons
CEO John Lasseter & Producers of Walt Disney & Pixar
Cheesy Packer Fans
Dave & Catman Vegas
Deer Camp
Don't be scared Troy
It's just the Big Guy
Troy Aikman is grossed out with Big's snot-cicle
Little Big Guy in the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame
FOX Hats
Frozen Tundra in USA Today
Got Milk?
Big Guy and Wife with Larry McCarren
Hockey on the Brain
Milwaukee Brewers Home Opener
A horny Packer Fan
Yet another horny Packer Fan
The Brew Crew
Indian Football Fever
Big Guy with Jay Dieugenio tailgating
Big Guy's family on Monday Night Kickoff
Miller Park Keggers
Lambeau Field is Paradise
Madison Mallards
Michigan Wolverines
Miller Park Kids
The Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages
Muscle Cheese Head
Little Packer Backer
Taken at NFC Championship 2008
Packer Fans Sportin their deer hats
Packer Fans in New Orleans
Rabid Brewer Fans
The Racing Sausages
Ram Man meets the Titletown Clown
Rev It Up
Rev It Up Packer Hat
Saleen Mustang
Jason Spitz, James Jones & Brandon Jackson
Lions Fan in Sports Illustrated 2006
Centerforld of Sports Illustrated
Sunday Night Football
Tar Heels
This is SNOT Funny
Tiger Woods Hat
Timber Rattler Hats
Top finalists in the country for Packer Fan in the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame
The Tundra Man
Viking Hats
The ViQueens
Javon Walker at Milwaukee Brewer Game
William Henderson & Ahman Green on Monday Night Kickoff
Dan Small - Outdoor Wisconsin Banquet
Dave Robinson
Jerry Kramer
Hat for Kevin Greene - Linebackers Coach for the Green Bay Packers
Commercial for the Red Green Show on MPTV
Tailgate Tour
2012 Superbowl and CBS/NFL Rings
God, Family, Packers
2010 Superbowl Trophy
Frozen Tundra
All Fired Up for the Brewers!
Bob Uecker
Mark Attanasio
Big Guy on Shark Tank
WLA Cream Puffs
Cambellsport Cougars
The Fence Painter
Daymond John - Shark Tank
Wisconsin Badgers
Donnie and Jimmy
University of Kansas
Joe Buck & Troy Aikman Cheeseheads
Fuzzy Thurston
Big Guy pitching to the Sharks
Hey! Minnesota!
Jim Nantz
Big Guy - Jeff Kahlow
Kay at Hodag Fest
Neal McCoy at Hodag Fest
Super Bowl Ring and Trophies
Larry the Cable Guy
Mark Attanasio
Monte Te'o
Pumpkin Head!!!
Toby Keith
Walleye Weekend
Willie Nelson - Beer for my Horses
WLA Cream Puffs
Madison Malards
Jerry Kramer
2010 Walleye Weekend
Auto Collector Hats
Bart Starr at 2010 Fan Fest
Bart Starr with Big Guy
Bob Harland at 2010 Fan Fest
Channel 5 Interview at Fan Fest
Family at the 2010 Fan Fest
Virgina Tech
Jeff and Sandy with David Stluka
Mad Dog & Merrill
Mark Murphy at 2010 Fan Fest
Ted Nugent
Mini Packer Fans Invade Lambeau Field!
Ted Nugent, Jeff, and Sandy
Red, Green, Dan Small, and Big Guy
Mmmmm Tequila