Welcome To Big Guy Hats

Are you or someone you know a fanatic of a sports team or anything else? This is the place where you or that special someone in your life can make the biggest statement about their team, favorite sport, band or anything else you can think of.

Your imagination is the limit.

Each hat is custom made to order. No two hats are the same. These hats are all hand carved out of foam by Big Guy himself and then painted making each hat a unique statement of your or your loved ones pride and joy. These hats will be the center of attention. So if you don't like being at the center of attention, having complete strangers coming up to you and asking you to have your picture taken, then it is highly suggested that you do not purchase one of these hats.


Finally! What everyone has been asking for....new pictures. You can follow the two links below to see all the new pictures, nearly 60 new photos! Which brings our count to over 330 350 photos of people sporting their hats and having fun.

02/20/2013 Update
02/22/2013 Update