Big Guy's Fun Pics

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Having fun with KFC
Pumpkin Head
Carroll Shelby
An Elephant for Ted Nugent
First Grade Class Tour
The Price is Right
Meteorologist Pete Petoniak of Fox 11
Over the Hill and Older than Dirt
Pumpkin Head
Red Pecker Head
Shark Attack!
Got Milk?
Rev It Up
Saleen Mustang
WLA Cream Puffs
Big Guy pitching to the Sharks
Big Guy - Jeff Kahlow
Kay at Hodag Fest
Neal McCoy at Hodag Fest
Super Bowl Ring and Trophies
Larry the Cable Guy
Pumpkin Head!!!
Willie Nelson - Beer for my Horses
WLA Cream Puffs
Madison Malards
Auto Collector Hats
Ted Nugent, Jeff, and Sandy
Mmmmm Tequila