The idea of foam novelty caps came to mind in the Spring of 1995 when a spokesman for Ducks Unlimited contacted me about carving him a foam duck decoy to wear as a hat for a speech he was to deliver. The reply was tremendous, telling me he could have sold dozens of the caps if he had them with him. That's when the ball started rolling and I decided to make something of it.

They are known as Big Guy Hats and are now seen in all shapes and sizes; from walleye and muskies, badgers and whitetails, to custom Green Bay Packer hats. They've been seen in past years on The Mike Holmgren Show, Monday Night Kickoff, Action Sports, ESPN Sports, Outdoor Wisconsin, and professional baseball and football games. The reason Big Guy Hats stand out so well is because of their unique style. Each hat is hand carved out of a block of polyurethane foam and professionally airbrushed. An impressive weight of 3 oz. results in a virtually weightless hat that is extra comfortable to wear. If these hats were a "molded product", the weight would be 30-40 % greater, the fit uncomfortable to wear, the shape much less defined, and most importantly, limited painting abilities. A "molded product" does not hold paint well because of its rubber outside skin. That's the beauty of my hand cut foam, the paint will never crack, peel or fade! Your hat is waterproof, lightweight and adjustable, for a comfortable fit.

All Big Guy Hats are signed by the artist for originality. So whether as a gift, shelf novelty, or a fun wearing hat, you can be assured it will bring many looks and laughter for years to come.


If you are a shy individual or suffer from a weak heart, do not attempt to wear this hat! Wearing a "BIG GUY HAT" brings TELEVISION EXPOSURE, NEWSPAPER COVERAGE AND PUBLIC PHOTOGRAPHY! You will experience incredible laughs and monetary offers for your hat, so wear it proudly and make a statement. GET BIG AND BOLD, YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD!!!!!!!!!! BIG GUY HATS..........